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Training Center

Improve your employees' competences on a course at the Easy Work Training Center

Course programme
Practical activities (Scania Euro 6 + semi-trailer)
  • How to attach and unfasten a truck and trailer
  • How to manoeuvre with a trailer
  • Driveway to the ramp with semi-trailer
  • City driving: eco-driving and defensive driving
Practical activities - simulator
  • Driving exercises in various weather conditions
  • Training for safe driving
  • Emergency braking with obstacle avoidance
  • Getting the truck out of the way in a slip
Practical activities - digital tachograph
  • What to do when you insert the driver card
  • What to do if you exceed the maximum driving time?
  • How to make a manual entry when you return from your holiday
  • How to convert driver cards into double-staffed
Practical activities - how to fill in the CMR
  • How to fill in the CMR correctly
  • What to do if the unloading address is different from the address of the consignee
  • How to react if you suspect that your truck has been overloaded beyond the required standards
  • What happens if you do not fill in the CMR correctly
Driver's working time in the European Union
  • How many hours you can drive at most
  • How many minimum breaks you are entitled to
  • What to do if you exceed the maximum driving time
Mandates and procedures for inspection and collisions
  • Who can inspect the driver and under what conditions
  • When the driver pays for the offense
  • When your employer pays for the mandate
  • Filling in the collision protocol
Securing of cargo in lorries
  • How to use belts, barbells, angles, rubbers to reduce friction
  • How to choose the lashing method according to the type of cargo
Toll charges in different countries. Road traffic regulations in the EU
  • In which countries there is automatic toll collection by using electronic devices
  • Which countries do you have to buy Eurovignette in?
  • How to pay for alpine tunnels
  • What to do if a toll collection device breaks down
Practical activities
We have a modern Scania Euro 6 truck with a semi-trailer. The practical classes are conducted by an experienced trainer who has worked as a driver for many years. We know what skills are necessary on the road. The apprenticeship includes:

● Vaccinating and grafting a semi-trailer
● Reversing with a semi-trailer
● Driveway to the ramp
● Driving a vehicle on the road
Theoretical classes with a trainer
We offer courses for drivers who want to obtain or update a certificate of professional competence (so-called Code 95). Trainings for foreigners are conducted in Russian and English. During the courses we discuss e.g:

● Driver's working time
● Correct CMR filling
● Exercises on the tachograph
● Toll charges in different countries
    Отличное место, хорошая обстановка! Но самое главное, для тех кто без опыта, что тут тебя действительно учат, а не просто дают тебе бумажку, если удачно сдашь экзамен конечно(на длинном коде). Преподаватель сам водитель-международник, который все это сам прошел, делиться своим опытом и все очень доходчиво объясняет. Выбирая школу, я перерыл весь интернет и остановился именно на этой. И очень доволен своим выбором.
    Длинный курс - 21.03.2018
    Проходил короткий курс. Я, водитель с многолетним стажем, правда не по Европе, узнал много нового и нужного для себя. Очень много информации именно нужной для работы по Европе. Всё доступно и понятно. Я от себя всем кому нужен код, советую этот учебный центр.
    Короткий курс - 15.11.2017
    Хорошая фирма. И люди работают там отличные. Во время обучения узнал много чего полезного, что очень пригодилось в работе.
    Длинный курс - 10.08.2018
    Хотелось бы выразить огромную благодарность всему коллективу. За хорошие, и интересное обучения. Очень сильная подготовка, к теории и практики. А главное всегда доброжелательное отношения, отзывчивость и понимания. Могу сказать смело, что в этой автошколе, готовят настоящих водителей, высокого уровня. Рекомендую всем, кто хочет приобрести безценные навыки теории и опыт вождения.
    Длинный курс - 04.02.2019
    Courses offer
    Short course (SO)
    1 week
    600 PLN
    For people:
    - over 21 years old who obtained cat. C before 09.09.2009;
    - over 23 years old, who obtained cat. D before 09.09.2008 or having already completed a Long course

    Includes what?
    - theoretical classes with an instructor - practitioner
    - Practical training - CMR, tachograph
    - e-learning

    + BONUS introducing practical activities at Scania Euro 6
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    Practical activities
    min. 4 hours
    250 PLN
    For people:
    - For our students who wish to have more practical activities
    - For transport companies interested in training their drivers or checking the driver's skills

    Includes what?
    - Vaccinating and grafting a semi-trailer
    - Reversing with a semi-trailer
    - Driveway to the ramp
    - Driving a vehicle on the road
    - Eco-driving principles

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