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About Us
International employment agency&Training Centre for truck drivers
Easy Work Polska
It isn't difficult to employ a good worker if you have our support.
We are an international recruitment agency in one of the most difficult sectors such as transport. In addition we have our own training center, where we conduct professional workshops for professional drivers. We can help you not only to find a good driver, but also to increase your employees` competences.

The situation in the Polish labour market is changing very rapidly. Today we are witnessing a situation in which it is more and more difficult to find a good employee. As we are employers, we are observing the current changes. All entrepreneurs who want to develop their business decide to increase employment. However, the period of prosperity does not always correspond with the possibility to find a qualified employee. Taking into consideration the process of population ageing and the increasing numer of young people who decide to work outside Poland, the only response to these changes is employing people from other countries. Another question that arises is whether we should look for employees on our own or use the experience of external entities that specialise in this type of activity. The perfect answer to these questions is the offer of Easy Work Poland.